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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So... I sorta got a new hobby. It is this thing called geocaching. It is a game where people hide things in public places and then post the lat. & long. coordinates on the website (geocaching.com). Then other people put those coordinates into their GPS and try to find what has been hidden. Some times it is just a log that you sign. Other times there will be items in the container that you can take and replace with something that you brought with you. So far I (and we, the girls have helped look for some) have found 3. I've looked for a few more but haven't been able to find them. I have been playing without a GPS so far but did buy one yesterday. I still have to figure out how to use it.

One of the ones I found with the girls was at the park right by our house. It was hidden by the big "V" (for vandergriff) or as Madison calls it, the big knitting needles. Inside was a log, a wee willy calendar, a travelbug and some coins. I didn't take anything because I didn't bring anything to put in (it was raining that day and we caught a brief moment when it wasn't raining so there was no time to gather anything to put in). The other 2 I found were just logs.

I'm going to start taking pictures of all of the ones I find and post them here, starting with the one that I found today (my third). I may go back to the first 2 and take pictures of them, as well.


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