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Monday, February 20, 2006

Tivoli is Finished!

I finally finished the Tivoli last night. It took longer than I had planned because I decided I didn't want the bottom to roll up so I knit a hem on the bottom (one row of purls and 6 rows of knit then bound off by picking up one stitch for each stitch along the back side of the corresponding row and knitting them together all while binding off each stitch). It turned out great. I'll try to post a picture later today or tomorrow. I didn't try to have it finished by friday because it was cold and a bit icy so we didn't go out at all.

So, on to another project. I'd like to finish those ribbon shirts (at least the one that is started) but I think I need to frog back to the armholes and cast on fewer stitches for the underarm area. But I also would like to start on the socks and hat set I want to knit for Jenny's baby. I am going to knit them in pink cottontots but I'd also like to do a set in purple as well. Maybe a pink newborn size and a purple 6-9 months size? We'll see. I think I'll cast on for the pink socks on lunch today being that I brought everything I need for those and I'm really not feeling the frogging the ribbon shirt right at this moment.


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