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Monday, February 27, 2006

The baby socks are finished except for the sewing up the toe on the second sock. I still need to make a hat in the same pink yarn and then make a set in purple. The ribbon shirt has been ripped back to the underarms and re-cast-on with fewer stitches and then I knit a little more than an inch afterward.

Last week I quit my part time job at the church. Well, I put in a 2.5 week notice. That means I am free to go to a different church closer to my home. Both of the girls are not too happy about this.

I also bought a pedometer last week. We walked to the park yesterday and as my luck would have it, it wasn't counting for most of the way there. I also walked to lunch today (and then ate a chimichonga). I think I'm going to add a mile/step counter to the sidebar. Maybe that will motivate me not to eat the chimichongas.

On another level:
It is 1,209 miles from my house to Las Vegas, Nevada. No, on our way to Dallas on the train (from Fort Worth) we will not go through Las Vegas. Sorry.
It is 238,856 miles to the moon.

See, my girl children, with the power of google your mother really does know everything!


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