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Thursday, March 24, 2005

And last, the Rhino baby and his mom. Posted by Hello

Flowers by the entrance/exit. Posted by Hello

Another of that beautiful waterfall. Posted by Hello

so beautiful and relaxed looking! Posted by Hello

what is this? I've got no idea. Maybe some kind of duck. When he raises his head up all of that reddish stuff raises up and it looks really weird. Posted by Hello

On Tuesday Madison's school went on a field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. I went along and we all had a great time. I'll post some pictures of some of the animals we got to see, including the new baby rhino. I think he was about 2 weeks old or so, not sure. Posted by Hello

Top of same hat. Posted by Hello

A hat I made for Madison. It turned out to be mommy sized. So much for swatching. Posted by Hello

my mitered squares have problems. They didn't turn out to be square shaped. I'm working on figuring out what the problem is. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The top of my hat. I ended up giving this hat to my brother because it was a bit too big for my head. Posted by Hello

This is a hat I knit for myself. It is a tad bit longer than I wanted but that is ok. I'll figure out how to make the next one shorter (and with a stripe or 2)! Also, my decreases turned out crappier on this hat. I need more practice decreasing. Posted by Hello

top view of hat Posted by Hello

This is the first hat that I ever made. Posted by Hello

back view Posted by Hello

So, a little of what I did last week involved turning beautiful wavy curls into long straight fluffy hair. She loved it but it is way too much trouble for me to do on a regular basis. This was the second time we straightened her hair. To me, it just isn't her. My daughter doesn't have straight hair - it just isn't right. But it IS her hair and I'm not going to fight with her over any hair style that is temporary. Especially one that looks so beautiful. Posted by Hello